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This range is specifically designed for a diverse range of environments, protecting you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation in your own personal space, at work, at home and in the car.

The Ambiance Unit Range


home unitFor Home and Office Use
Plugged into the furthest point from the meter box, the home or office unit generates a protective field that will cover your home.

car unitIn the Car
Most important for owners of modern cars, the car unit is plugged into the cigarette lighter and is operational when the car is in use.

personal unitPersonal Unit
A rechargeable unit that is small enough to carry with you through the day. It generates a field large enough to cover you in the room, aircraft, etc, without losing any of its efficiency.

Where and how to place your Ambiance unit

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Vital Force Units

These give you the ability to control the potencies of your treatments using the latest advances in technology. A vital piece of equipment for any practitioner or patient.

Vital Force PotentiserThe Vital Force MKIII has been researched and tested over many years in Australia and by international affiliates. It represents the latest in innovations of homoeopathy, combining modern technology and proven methods to bring you an effective, reliable and powerful Potentiser.

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