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More Information About Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)

What is Electromagnetic Radiation and how does it affect us?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is caused by low frequency electric and magnetic fields, generated by natural phenomenon and man-made sources.

For example, let’s look at the common radio which sits in the middle of the electromagnetic spectrum.

the electromagnetic spectrum

The radio station generates the signal by modulating audio to match the frequency of a carrier wave, which is generated by connecting an alternating/oscillating electric current to a large coil of wire. The wire coil is wrapped around a suitable insulator and housed in an antenna, various means are then used to broadcast the signal to a wide area. This is significant as the antenna is by definition a very large electromagnet.

Any piece of metal connected to an electric current causes particles of negative charge to move. The particles are shifted in the same direction, from static shell orbit around one atom to another, thereby connecting an electric circuit.

As the electrons (negatively charged particles) flow, they repel other particles of similar charge in the immediate vicinity and attract opposite charges. This is known as an electromagnetic field (EMF). The energy/wave emitted from the field when it changes is known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

On the other end of the radio system, in order to pick up the signal you need a receiver comprising a long piece of wire that resonates according to the frequency being isolated and amplification of that signal. As the water in our bodies conducts electricity, it also resonates along with all the radio waves in our environment.

We are walking antennas! Unfortunately, we have no way of isolating or blocking or the signals we encounter so our bodies constantly pick up the entire spectrum of radio waves in our environment.

Radios are not the only device that uses the same technology to communicate over long distances. Other devices include cordless phones, garage door openers, wireless networks, radio-controlled toys, television broadcasts, mobile phones, GPS receivers, ham radios, satellite communications, police radios, and wireless clocks. Besides, Radio is only one small part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum!

Before you start to panic you can take comfort in knowing that electromagnetic radiation in the form of transmitted radio waves can only be produced when the current changes. As many electrical devices like light globes, clocks etc. use direct, unchanging current they do not emit radiation.

On the downside, there are many common electrical devices that do. Anything with an electric motor uses burst connections of electricity through a wire coil. A TV or computer monitor uses a ray tube that alters the path of a speeding electron by means of a large electromagnet. Electricity wires transmitting large amounts of current vary in strength due to inherent resistance and emit EMR. Melbourne’s trams and trains use large electric motors.

Melbourne motorists are all too familiar with the audible static fuzz on the radio caused by passing trams. Even without all the man made “mod-cons” we are still subjected to the magnetic field generated by the earth and a constant stream of charged particles from the cosmos, best illustrated by the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis phenomena.

What are the Eeffects of EMF on the Human Body?

Effects of EMF on the human body can range from headaches to muscle pain to more serious cellular problems such as the growth of abnormal cells (cancer), normal cell division and growth. People already hypoallergenic to many chemicals claim that EMF sources from nearby power lines, home appliances and small associated transformers and switches irritate their condition. The severity of claims seem to correlate to length of exposure, when the exposure occurs (especially at night), the EMF field intensity and their interactions with other people and other living systems in the immediate environment.

There is strong evidence verified by eye pupil variations, that continual long-term exposure can result in allergic reactions, sleep problems and more serious medical conditions.