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The Energy of Life
What are these fields?
How does this impact on the body’s life force?
How do these fields affect your body?
What is the Ambiance Unit and how does it help?
How does the unit do this?
How do you use the Ambiance Unit?

The Energy of Life

Within your body is an energy current life force. Life force flows through channels or meridians that run through your entire body. It is this energy that informs your body and maintains our balance and good health. When this energy becomes blocked the body loses its ability to heal itself. In this modern day with our reliance on electricity and electrical appliances, we need to be aware that this comes at a risk. As our dependence grows on these things, so does our exposure to the fields that they create around us.

What Are These Fields?

Fields are created in and around our bodies. They are caused by both electricity, and, disturbances in the earth’s outer surface known as Geopathic Stress. Electromagnetic Fields are present when there is both a supply, and, a flow of electricity. This includes appliances both in use or that are left on stand-by. Some of the worst offenders are microwaves, televisions, computers, house wiring and the modern car. Outside, power lines, high voltage towers and CDMA mobile phone towers.

How Does This Impact on the Body’s Life Force?

Think of it as static or interference in the body. Your body creates its own Electromagnetic field as the life force moves around your meridians. This field is a natural, subtle force within your body. It is difficult for your body to send messages along your meridians when there is interference from stronger external electromagnetic influences. Your body’s own fields are interfered with and this causes both blockages in the meridians, and, mixed messages being sent in the body.

How Do These Fields Affect Your Body?

There is evidence to suggest that exposure to Electromagnetic fields may cause the following symptoms or states of health:
• abdomen pains/cramps,
• arthritis,
• asthma,
• bladder problems,
• cancer,
• cramps,
• crying fits,
• cysts,
• depression,
• diabetes,
• digestive problems,
• epilepsy,
• gall bladder problems,
• gout,
• headaches,
• heart problems,
• insomnia,
• irritability,
• kidney disease,
• learning difficulties,
• melancholy,
• migraine,
• miscarriage,
• multiple sclerosis,
• nervous disorders,
• night sweats,
• poor growth,
• panic attacks,
• paralysis,
• sciatica,
• thrombosis,
• thyroid problems,
• ulcerated legs,
• varicose veins

What is the Ambiance Unit and How Does it Help?

The Ambiance Unit is designed to bring harmony to your home, car and the environment around you by allowing your own body to strengthen itself without interference from Electromagnetic fields and Geopathic Stress. Your own body will bring itself back into balance.

How Does the Unit do This?

It does this by generating an electromagnetic field which is more closely attuned to the body’s own natural state. It allows the life force energy to flow through the body’s meridians freely. This gives the body back its ability to heal itself. The harmful Electromagnetic fields and Geopathic stress remain but your body will be unaffected by them.

How do You Use the Ambiance Unit?

We manufacture units for the home, car and for portable use. The home and car units work by simply plugging them in.

In the home, we recommend that the Ambiance Unit be placed at the furthest power point from the meter or fuse box. It has been designed to leave running.

The car unit plugs into the cigarette lighter and is operational when the car is in use and therefore when an Electromagnetic field is present.

The personal unit contains a rechargeable battery, and is small enough to be carried with you through the day. It will run for approximately 1 week before needing to be recharged.

From time to time we recommend that you check your unit to ensure that that the indicator light is on.

Should you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.