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Equilibrium Electronics Pty Ltd was registered in 2002 and is based in Ballarat, Victoria , Australia.

The Company started trading in 2002 after a prolonged period of continuous research and product development lasting over a decade. Equilibrium Electronics Pty Ltd has been continuously involved in extensive testing and measuring of the effects of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) on the health and wellbeing of both humans and animals.

Through our research efforts, we now bring to you the Ambiance product range, making the harmony of living and working easily obtainable within the home, office, car or any other environment. All of our products are designed and manufactured in order to complement a wide range of environmental conditions.

Equilibrium Electronics Pty Ltd has developed a range of products to enhance your home environment and keep you safe from the Electric Fields that are result of modern life. Ambiance units bring harmony to our world and help us to live within a more tranquil, natural environment.

We take pride in understanding the needs of the Community, delivering powerful and healthy technology.

Equilibrium Electronics Pty Ltd is proudly Australian.

We can be contacted by mail at:

Equilibrium Electronics Pty Ltd
PO Box 804
Ballarat Victoria 3353

(03) 5342 8884

(03) 5342 8808