Team Commitment

In line with our philosophy to delight and not just satisfy our customers we have developed a Team Commitment Statement that our entire team adheres to. This ensures that we continue to provide what we believe to be exceptional standards of client service.

Team Commitment Statement


As our client, you are entitled to receive the best service we can provide. In fact, we hope that you will be so delighted with our services you will have no hesitation recommending us to others.

As an indication of our desire to delight you, all members of the firm have committed to the following standards.


 You will be treated in a friendly and courteous manner at all times;

You will be treated with respect and honesty in all dealings;

We will acknowledge communications from you as soon as possible. For phone calls, you will receive a response within 24 hours. Written communications (including email) will be acknowledged by the end of the next working day.

You will have access to the firm member you wish to deal with, or to someone who is capable and authorised to handle your problem;

You will receive work of the highest quality, both in technical detail and presentation;

You will be kept informed of matters of interest on regular and timely basis;

You can expect our absolute commitment to act as your advocate in all matters requiring our services. If we believe a matter is not in your interest, we will tell you (even if the news is bad);

Your feedback is critical to our continuing to innovate and improve. We’re always looking forward to your ideas, comments and suggestions.


And we’re going to have fun while achieving the above!

   Download Alan Lewis Accountants Team Commitment Statement

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