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We encourage most of our small business clients to sign up for the BankLink Service. 

If we suggest you do so, it will not cost you a cent – we will cover 100% of the fees - and you’ll never be sent off to search for missing bank statements again!  

In addition, clients who use the BankLink service typically receive their completed work within a much shorter period of time.

Usng BankLink attracts the following benefits for you:

  • No wasted time chasing up missing bank or credit card statements.
  • Access to timely cashflow reporting for management.
  • Faster turnaround of your compliance work (tax returns, BAS, etc).
  • Improved accuracy of information we receive regarding your transactions.
  • Ensures your professional accounting fees are kept to a minimum.


If you are interested in learning more about the BankLink service and how we are using it with other clients to ensure efficient and accurate processing, please feel free to contact us on 1300 35 22 35. 

  Download the BankLink Client Authority Form 

Case Studies

Vet Case Study

Time is important for Alex Melrose, owner of VetCare, an animal veterinary hospital, cattery and retail store. Since opening five years ago, Alex has seen the business grow substantially. Key to his success has been his ability to spend time on growing his business not doing his bookwork. read more >

Cafe Owner Case Study

Doing the books used to be a major source of frustration for Anita Ransfield. Manually processing the accounts for her two busy cafés, the Local Café and 19th Hole Café, had become an overwhelming burden.

read more >

Builder Case Study

Running a busy business, and raising three children, means time is precious for Kerri and Phil Mellross. While the construction side has run smoothly, Kerri found their previous accounting system frustrating. The change was dramatic when they switched to The BankLink Service. read more >






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