Top 7 tax tips for investors

The end of the financial year is not all that far away. To help you to prepare for tax time, we provide our top 7 tips for your 2015-16 tax return. This list is not exhaustive, and we will need to review the items in light of your personal circumstances. Tip 1: Dividend Income We […]

Your sharemarket portfolio and tax

There’s a warning that sharemarket investors will hear at least once in their lives in some form or other ­– base decisions on investment merit, not on trying to save tax. It’s a maxim that has been put a more colourful way: Don’t let the tax tail wag the investment dog. Wise words; but don’t […]

Can interest and borrowing costs on investments be claimed as deductions?

Investors are frequently faced with questions and issues regarding the correct tax treatment of certain aspects of financial products, and sometimes the various features of these products. An important question that crops up on a regular basis is whether investors can claim tax deductions for interest and borrowing costs that they have incurred in the […]

Investing: Growth versus income

Every investor goes in with dreams of a pot of gold, but there is a fundamental dichotomy of investor types – one looks to line their pockets with investment returns along the way, and another who is patient to wait until the end of the rainbow to reap the rewards. The distinction between investing for […]

Borrowing to invest, and negative gearing – pros, cons, and how it works

Taking out a loan to raise money for an investment is a well-used tactic for many Australians. In fact, borrowing to buy big ticket items is part of financial reality. How many of us could afford to buy a house out of our own pocket? Borrowing funds will increase the amount you can have invested […]

Are You a Share Investor or Trader?

There’s a saying that many sharemarket investors may have already heard: Don’t let the tax tail wag the investment dog. In other words, the best advice for your share portfolio is to base your decisions on investment merit, not on trying to save tax. Even so, there are taxation consequences for everyone with an investment […]

Investors: Beware ‘mortgage management’ plans

Investors contemplating an arrangement which is being marketed as a ‘mortgage management’ plan should be wary. Under this scheme, split loan arrangements – that is, the combination of an investment loan, a home loan and a credit facility – are being promoted as providing tax-effective financing and therefore have attracted the attention of the Tax […]