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This is where we keep all of the general information for small business operators, along with details of important updates and changes.

Is the tip you leave on a café table assessable, or consideration for supply?

Have you ever gone to pay for your coffee or lunch and saw the tip jar at the local café counter, and wondered how (or if) the business and/or its staff accounts for tax on that money? Depending on a number of factors, this can add up to quite a sum over a year, assuming […]

Considering ride-sharing for income? Tips and traps

Have you or someone you know considered taking up ride-sharing (also called ride-sourcing) to earn extra income, or even as an alternative form of employment? When providing ride-sharing services through Uber or GoCatch and other facilitators for a fare, there are things you will need to know, and traps you need to be aware of. […]

Don’t let a tax debt put you in a spin

Whether you’re running a business or are just an individual trying to make ends meet, there is nothing worse than finding yourself in a situation where you have a tax debt owing to the ATO, which most likely will also be accruing a general interest charge and perhaps even a shortfall interest charge. The Australian […]

General facts about winding up your business

There are times where business owners, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, may need to wind up their business. It is generally less complicated to wind up the business of a sole trader (who has declared “bankruptcy”) than to wind up a business run through other structures. For companies, the terms typically used would be to “go […]

Choosing the Right Business Structure

Start up businesses need to make one important decision from the outset – what type of business set-up will suit your enterprise best? And which structure will be best for the future? You’ve got a choice of four basic business structures – sole trader, partnership, company or trust. Of course, there are also more sophisticated […]

Taken stock for private use? Values to use for 2014-15

The Tax Office issues guidance every year for business owners on the value it will accept as estimates of the value of goods taken from trading stock for private use by taxpayers in certain industries. The table below should be used to work out these values for the 2014-15 income year. The basis for determining […]

The taxation implications of ‘debt forgiveness’– 2015

 “Pardon” is a word that can sound somewhat archaic — which could be why the term “debt forgiveness” is barely mentioned in discussions on “bankruptcy”, even though the two concepts are related. Bankruptcy is dramatic, Hollywood; debt forgiveness seems dated, even mildly medieval. In reality debt forgiveness, on the face of it, is a means […]

Changing the makeup of a partnership through ‘reconstitution’

Over time, or due to circumstances, the composition of a partnership can change – for example, a partner may retire or die, or a new partner is admitted. In many such situations, the existing partnership may need to be dissolved and a new partnership formed at general law. The new partnership will need a new […]

The facts about liquidation

It is generally less complicated to wind up the business of a sole trader (who has declared “bankruptcy”) than to wind up a business run through other structures, for which the terms used would be to “go into administration” and “liquidation”. A sole trader is also less complicated to wind up because the principal of […]

All you need to know about Bitcoin

Lauded for its convenience and lack of dependence on a central authority as much as it is derided for its unpredictability and the anonymity it grants criminals, global digital phenomenon Bitcoin is spreading to every corner of the world and transforming the very essence of monetary transactions. The question is however, is it safe to […]