Fringe Benefits Tax

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Save health (and tax) with a salary-sacrificed e-bike

Salary sacrificing a “company car” is a pretty popular option offered to employees. However, you may not be aware that there is also a tax and health incentive with another particular set of wheels. Why don’t you consider channelling your inner “mamil” (middle aged men in lycra) and package up an electrically assisted bicycle (e-bike) […]

FBT – fears, cheers and changes – March 2014

The current FBT year is just wrapping up, and it has been a period of potential turmoil with the proposal to scrap the statutory formula method for calculating car benefits. However not long after this landed on the legislative table it was swept off it again by the current government. So the status quo remains […]

Christmas cheer – with no FBT fear

With the year steadily making its way towards the festive period, businesses that are turning their attention to end-of-year celebrations will need to keep in mind the tax implications of throwing a Christmas party or handing over gifts to staff. Of course there’s nothing wrong with getting into the yuletide spirit, but business owners should […]

Employee motor vehicles, FBT-free? Yes please!

Providing certain benefits to staff instead of cash as part of their remuneration is fairly common practice. The usual outcome for employers is an exposure to the joys of fringe benefits tax — at the FBT rate of 46.5%. There is also the added bother of keeping appropriate records, accounting for the benefits provided, and […]

FBT and Your Christmas Party Planning

End of year Christmas celebrations are a chance to get everyone together for some fun as well as thanking the team for a job well done. Business owners may have the option to unlock the bar fridge for employees, but should make sure they are not the ones stuck with the tax hangover. As with […]

Novated Leases & FBT – What you need to know

The topic of novated leases often arises when a car is wrapped into a salary package as part of a salary sacrifice arrangement. What exactly is a novated lease and how does it work? Explained simply, a novated lease is a way for an employee to buy a new or used car and have their […]

Living Away from Home Allowance – the new regime

Every so often, a person’s career will take them places — but not necessarily in an ‘upwardly mobile’ way. If earning a living means an employee needs to be away from their usual place of residence for an extended period, the government has made available tax concessions generally known as the Living Away From Home […]

Work tool, or just cool? iPad & FBT

Tax and remuneration experts are reporting that many employers have been declining requests to provide tablet devices such as the iPad as a fringe benefit for fear of being found to be in breach of the fringe benefits tax (FBT) rules as they apply to exempt benefits. Including ‘portable electronic devices’ into remuneration packages has […]