No Surprises

Fixed fees.

We do things a little differently to what you might be used to…

… you will never receive a bill from us for phone calls, faxes, emails or occasional meetings.

Whether you are a small individual taxpayer or running a business, we are available and committed to breaking down barriers to communication. Fear of possible costs should never prevent you from seeking the information you need when you need it.

Generally, it is easier and less expensive for everyone involved to prevent a problem than it is to solve one – a quick phone call or meeting with your accountant can save you costs involved in solving issues later.

Our practice does not charge for incidentals and does not bill by the hour – to do so, rewards inefficiency and disadvantages the client who may be in for a nasty shock at the end of a lengthy job.

Instead, we believe in value based pricing which means you are given a fixed price for our engagement up front, tailored to your specific needs,  that includes full access to your accountant throughout the year and regular contact from us on matters of interest to you.

No surprises when it comes to the bill and no unexpected fees – that’s our promise to you.